Galaxy Medium Crystal Glass File

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Galaxy Medium Glass File (5.5″ long)

Also known as the “Standard size,” this file is the ideal size for regular filing natural and artificial nails.

Both sides have a smooth and fine grit, and the pointed end is perfect for cleaning underneath the fingernails.

Our Crystal Glass Files come with a Lifetime Warranty and money-back guarantee!

Features and Benefits:

  • Tempered for extra durability and safety 💪
  • The filing surface is permanently etched. 💎
  • Works on natural, acrylic, and gel nails
  • Helps with chipping, peeling, and splitting of nails 😍
  • Won’t tear or harm delicate or brittle nails 👌
  • Safe for diabetics and babies 👶
  • Non-porous, and it can easily be washed and sanitized.
  • Board-certified for manicurists 
  • Environmentally friendly 🌎
  • Files come with a protective sleeve and a hard travel case.
  • Made in the Czech Republic 
  • Lifetime Warranty 😊

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