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Short Spa Crystal Glass File

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You will love our Spa Foot files! They are made the same way as our Crystal Glass Nail Files, but a lot thicker and with a much coarser side.

This file will gently and effectively remove any type of callused, dry, or dead skin. Ideal for rough heels, corns, and calluses.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made in the Czech Republic.
  • Tempered and hardened for extra durability and safety.
  • The double-sided surface is permanently etched onto the file.
  • Guaranteed to never wear out.
  • Extremely hygienic.
  • It can easily be washed and/or sanitized.
  • Safe for diabetics and babies.
  • Board certified for manicurists.
  • Environmentally friendly – NO LEAD or added chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.
  • Files come with a protective sleeve.
  • Lifetime Warranty!

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