DIY Coffee Scrub - Caffeine for your hands!

Posted by Paul Caballero on

Did you know you can reuse your old coffee grounds into a hand scrub?

That’s right!

Not only do the coffee grounds help exfoliate, but the boost of caffeine stimulates nail growth.

Also being full of antioxidants, it’s beneficial for your cuticles and skin health too, helping fight off free radicals that age our skin.

If we didn’t already love coffee, we definitely do now!


DIY Coffee Scrub: (Easy peasy)

Soften a small amount of coconut oil in the microwave, but not enough to completely melt it!

Next, add your coffee grounds to create the scrub.

Use a generous amount and massage into your hands gently as if you were washing them!

Give a little extra attention to your fingers and cuticles 😉

Then, rinse well with warm water and pat your hands dry.
Doing this not only moisturizes and exfoliates, but it's super beneficial, and it smells good!

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