How to get the perfect glitter nails

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Sometimes life can get dull, just like our nails!

An easy way to freshen up a manicure is to add a little glitter!
We know that the dry time between polish coats can be a real drag, though, so we put together a little how-to to help brighten things up quick and easy!
Step 1
You’ll need:
• Your favorite glitter polish
• A makeup sponge
• Top clear coat
• Nail Polish Remover
Step 2
Start by painting your polish directly onto the makeup sponge.
From there, use little dabbing motions across your nail to deposit the glitter evenly.
The makeup sponge absorbs the excess clear coat that the glitter is suspended in, making it easier to get full coverage glitter without the wait!
Step 3
Finish off by adding your favorite top coat and clean the cuticle areas up with nail polish remover for a blingin’ new look
For an easy polish removal to switch looks up quickly, use a little school glue as your base coat. When you’re ready to change things up, you can easily peel the polish off without the need for acetone. 😎
 We hope you enjoyed this nail hack. 😊

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